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AEI stands for “Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador”, we are a network of public, private and academic actors that seeks to promote entrepreneurship and innovation at the national level as a basis for productive development in Ecuador.

The role of AEI is to generate continuity in processes and projects through the articulation of efforts among its allies, in such a way that synergies are generated to support entrepreneurs and innovators to have access to: Entrepreneurship and innovation information that allows entrepreneurs to take successful decisions and mitigate the risk, in relation to their companies. Financing venture capital that allows entrepreneurs to launch innovative projects. Access to entrepreneurial education for children in schools and colleges; and development of entrepreneurial skills for professionals

AEI goals

  • Increase the number of allies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation and work in a coordinated manner.

  • Promote the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation around industries with high innovation potential.

  • Promote the increase of private investment in research and development through the link between university and business.


Position Ecuador within the three most attractive countries to undertake in Latin America in 2020

La Alianza para el Emprendimiento e Innovación (AEI) es una red de actores públicos, privados y académicos que busca fomentar el emprendimiento y la innovación a nivel nacional, como base del desarrollo productivo del Ecuador.

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